South Of France

“This road trip consists of various destination, including beaches, mountains and cities. Its starts in my hometown Grasse and leads to the nice region, following along the coast and ends in Marseille. “

1. Tête de chien

It’s nice hike and beautiful view

2. Sentier du littoral du cap d’Antibes

Explore the coast during a little walk

Just walk on a street and take your time on a beach and on the restaurants

4. Mandelieu

Enjoy the ride and the view !

5.Sillans la cascade

It’s my favorite place on this trip, it’s a peaceful and amazing place !

6. Porquerolles

Little very cute island

Very beautiful city with a port and good vibes !

8. Le colorado provencal

admire this colors guys !

Don’t forget to try to drink a Pastis (typical drink in Marseille)!

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